Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Play Hard, Eat Well

 Empower Yourself to Achieve your Fitness Goals

As a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Cross Country Runner, I understand the physiological and nutritional needs of athletes.  Together we can create a program that nourishes your health and enhances your body awareness
Are you an athlete looking to enhance your performance or endurance?
Are you looking for a meal plan that will maximize your fitness routine?
Are you a sports team looking for nutritional support and menu plans for athletes?
Do you feel low energy or muscle cramps after training or working out?

Let’s work together to achieve highest fitness and sport goals while nurturing your overall wellbeing!

Thrive in Health

Available Services

Initial Session: 1 hour 15 min, Follow Up Sessions: 45 minutes. Workshops: 1 hour
Sports Nutrition Services

  • Team Counseling/Coaching Sessions for Enhanced Performance

  • Individual Counseling Sessions to Maximize Performance

  • Nutrition Education for Coaches and Trainers

  • Menu Development for Athletes

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

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