Rebirth Coaching Plan

3 Months Plan


What to Expect?

The Rebirth Plan provides intensive nutritional, wellness, and health support that will allow you to reinvent your eating philosophy and innovate your lifestyle. You will be empowered to fully commit to making changes that will improve your quality of life and strengthen your health.

What's Include in Your Plan?

  • 7 Coaching Sessions including:

    (One- 1 hour session+ One-45 minutes session+Four-30- minutes sessions+One- Ayurveda nutrition session)

  • Complimentary Yoga Sessions

  • 3 -Weeks Sample Food Menus

  • 1-Food Journal Analysis

  • Healthy Portions Eating Guide

  • Healthy Eating Out Guide and Food on The Run

  • Grocery Shopping List

  • Monthly Nutrition Assessment to Measure Progress

  • Daily email blasts with program updates, healthful tips, recipes, and motivation

  • Weekly email/virtual check in to see how you are doing/feeling

“You and I should be living our weeks, days and hours in order to be reborn constantly as happiness, love and kindness.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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