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Embrace a Mindful Living + Happy Eating Philosophy

Take a mindful and adventures approach to wellness. There is no room for restrictive dieting and unrealistic regiments. I will work with you to identify your medical, motivational, psychological, cultural, and food needs.  Let me provide you with expert support to nurture your body, calm your mind, and restore your health. FEEL AMAZING! 
Do you feel overwhelmed about deciding what to eat on a daily basis?


Do you try different diets but cannot stick to them?
Do you engage in up and down patterns of healthy eating/unhealthy eating?


Do you want to improve your overall health while beautifying your skin, hair, nails? 


Do you feel like your body and mind need a refreshing and energizing transformation?  


Do you try to eat healthy and exercise but see no results?
Do you set  healthy eating/fitness goals but break them?
Do you want to eat healthy, but are not into restrictive, boring food? 
Do you want to acquire tools to manage stress and nurture mindfulness in all aspects of your life?


Do you want to receive holistic and science based support from a qualified medical nutritional professional? No gimmicks or fads.  Just real nutritional science and proven holistic practices! 

Let’s create a unique and individualized nutrition and lifestyle philosophy  that allows you to achieve your highest health goals

Be Empowered & Feel Liberated

Virtual and In-Person Sessions

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Initial Session: 1 hour 15 min, Follow Up Sessions: 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes.