Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Feel Well, Work Well

Energize Your Office & Empower Your Corporate Team To Achieve Their Highest Health Goals

Bring a sense of well-being, creativity, and productivity to your employees. Most of us spend at least 8 hours of our day at our offices. Our offices should nurture our health!
Do you want to energize your workers?


Do you want to promote preventative health services and wellness for your employees?
Do you want to nurture a sense of community and productivity in the workplace?
Do you want to bring nourishing food and mindfulness to your office?


Let’s work together to improve the health & happiness of your employees!

Nurture a Culture of Wellness 

Available Services

Initial Session: 1 hour 15 min, Follow Up Sessions: 45 minutes. Workshops: 1 hour
Nutrition Coaching Workshops

  • Healthy Eating on the Run

  • Balancing Work and a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Stress Relief and Energizing Foods

  • Weight Management 

  • Healthful Work Breaks

  • Scrumptious Healthy Snacking

  • Pre-Diabetes Management

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

  • Additional Workshops Available on Request

Individual Nutrition Coaching

  • Plant Centered Eating

  • Nutrient-Rich Eating

  • Weight Management

  • Emotional Eating

  • Maximizing Exercise

  • Portion Control

  • Pre-diabetes management

Corporate Dining Menu Planning

  • Menu Planning for Corporate Dining Services and Events

  • Nutritional Analysis of Corporate Dining Menus

  • Recommendations for healthy snacking options for your office

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