Coffee will always hold an esteemed seat at my Latin American family’s table. With family roots in Guatemala- a country that produces some of the best coffee beans in the world- my parents were raised with coffee as one of their basic food groups. Y’all can rest assured, that in my family’s home, there is always coffee after every meal.

My love of coffee evolved from a sweet, morning ritual I shared with my dad during my childhood. Every morning before heading off to work and school, my family had breakfast together. Being conscientious parents and fearing that they would stunt my growth, my mom and dad did not let me drink coffee except during family breakfast. My dad would always let me have 3 tiny sips from his coffee cup to start off the morning.  He would tell me that it was the family’s secret to keeping healthy and happy. It stuck with me- 3 sips of coffee in the morning are the key to happiness- at least for some of us!  

I’m not advising that you give your children coffee except for the occasional sip.  I am just saying that if you truly love coffee and it adds a simple pleasure to your daily hustle, you should happily enjoy it without worrying that you’re being unhealthy.  I love healthy living, and I also love coffee!

This delicious chocolate coffee smoothie makes it possible for me to enjoy nourishment and coffee together in one cup!  When you take a sip of this smoothie, you’ll be immediately transported back to the memories of your favorite childhood chocolate milkshake. You’ll delight in its creaminess and earthiness!

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