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Together we can achieve your highest health goals. Nourishing your body with plant-centered nutrition and nurturing your life with mindfulness will allow you to enjoy better health and improve your relationship with yourself, your family, and your friends. Eat with joy as you awaken your love for nurturing food. Live with a blissful body & mind as you embrace conscious living.

Explore science-based, holistic approaches to achieve your highest wellness goals, optimize your health status, and manage chronic health conditions.


Explore the teachings of mindfulness as tools to practice body/mind appreciation, effective and kind goal setting, stress relief, and positive behavior modification.


Learn to nourish your body with nutritious and delicious plant-centered recipes


Feel empowered and nurtured by a supportive wellness community

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If you eat more nutritious food and practice mindful awareness, you feel empowered in all aspects of life.

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Mindful Living + Happy Eating + Plant-Centered Nutrition
Medical Nutrition

We’re here to manage your specialized medical nutrition needs and restore your health.


Nutrition Coaching

Let’s work together to embrace a happy + healthy eating philosophy and a mindful lifestyle.


Family & Pediatric Nutrition

Let’s work together to find simple and creative ways to support your health and the health of your family


Sports Nutrition

Let’s work together to achieve your highest sport and fitness goals while nurturing your overall well-being


Corporate Wellness

Let’s work together to improve the health of your employees and create a culture of wellness in your office.


Media & Public Health

 Let’s work together to shine the spotlight on your health program, product, event, or publication


Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

Let’s explore healing  practices that will calm your mind, strengthen your body, and uplift your spirit



Functional Nutrition for Women

Let’s work together to create a nourishing nutrition plan to achieve your unique health goals



Functional Nutrition For Men

Let’s work together to create a nutrition plan that empowers you to achieve your unique health goals



Nutrition Coaching

Simple + Unique Health Support
  • 7 days

    Simple + Energizing
  • 2 Coaching Sessions
  • 7-Days Meal Plan
  • Complete Nutritional/ Dietary Assessment
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Daily virtual check-ins with program updates, healthful tips, recipes, and motivation
  • Start
  • VIDA
  • 1 month

    Simple + Nourishing
  • 4 Coaching Sessions
  • 2- Weeks Meal Plan
  • Complete Nutritional/ Dietary Assessment
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • 3 Days- Food Journal Analysis
  • Daily virtual check-ins with program updates, healthful tips, recipes, and motivation
  • 3 months

    Simple + Empowering
  • 7 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 -Weeks Meal Plan
  • Complete Nutritional/ Dietary Assessment
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • 1- Week Food Journal Analysis
  • Daily virtual check-ins with program updates, healthful tips, recipes, and motivation
  • 6 months

    Simple + Revitalizing
  • 14 Coaching Sessions
  • 1 Month Meal Plan
  • Complete Nutritional/ Dietary Assessment
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • 2-Week Food Journal Analysis
  • Daily email check-ins with program updates, healthful tips, recipes, and motivation
  • “Alice is an experienced nutritionist who takes a balanced and empathetic approach to counseling her clients.  She has great ideas for recipes, strategies for changing lifestyle in a sustainable way and is always willing to answer questions and provide advice on the many issues that come up when looking to achieve new balance and greater health.  She helped me achieve my goals and I am very grateful for her coaching”

    Carl, Fortune 500 Executive

  • “A few months ago I signed up for a program through my employer, designed to help people who are prediabetic. When the initial 16 week program was over they asked me what the best part of the program was. I let them know that Alice was by far the best part. Alice genuinely cares about her people. She’s helped me tremendously with suggestions and recipes to help me toward my goals of weight loss and healthy life changes. She’s so encouraging, and I know I would not have been so successful without her as my health coach.”

    Michael, Long Term Care Medicaid Specialist

  • I cannot say enough positive things about Alice Figueroa. She has been my nutritionist for several months now and my health has improved dramatically due to her assistance. She helped me with selecting healthy items to eat, exercise and weight loss. I had tried unsuccessfully for years to lose weight before working with Alice. Finally, I’m losing weight. Also, I was taking 2 blood pressure medications and still had high blood pressure. Now I haven’t had to take the medications for a couple months and my blood pressure is lower than when I was on medication. Thank you Alice for your wonderful expert guidance.   

    Judy, High School Counselor 

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About Alice

My Inspiration
Alice Figueroa, MPH, RD
Alice Figueroa, MPH, RD

Registered Dietitan Nutritionist, International Public Health Consultant, James Beard National Scholar, Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach

Natural Foods Chef, Yoga Student and Teacher, Foodie, and Animal Lover

Welcome to Alice in Foodieland

Hola!  My philosophy is one of Mindful Living+ Happy Eating + Plant Centered Nutrition.
Embark on this adventure with me as we explore ways of maximizing our overall health and happiness. Be a happy eater, feel energized, and enjoy a nourishing and empowering relationship to food! There is no room for restrictive dieting or gimmicks. The food you eat should be nutritious & delicious and above all nurture your health, strengthen your body, calm your mind and uplift your spirit.
Enjoy navigating this space filled with food adventures, luscious recipes, practical science-based nutrition, healthful tips, food policy, public health advocacy, wanderlust, Ayurveda, and Yoga. Created with Loving Kindness by Alice Figueroa, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Masters of Public Health & Certified Yoga Teacher. Namaste Ya’ll!

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